A2090716A Name Properly UsedPastor David TigchelaarExodus 20:7, Matthew 6:9-137/16/2017 
A2080709The Measure of a ChristianVic Vandermolen1 Samuel 16: 1-137/9/2017 
A2060702Beyond BasicsPastor Rick DeGraafHebrews 5:1-6:37/2/2017 
A2050625Destroying the High PlacesPastor David A. TigchelaarExodus 20:4-6, Romans 1:18-20; 256/25/2017 
A2030618No Other gods Before ME (Series-10 Words of Grace)David A. TigchelaarExodus 20:1-3, Matthew 22:34-406/18/2017 
A2030604Tongues of Fire.... What Does that Mean?Pastor David A. TigchelaarActs 2:1-136/4/2017 
A2020528The Supremacy of ChristPastor David A. TigchelaarColossians 1: 15-235/28/2017 
A1980521The Gift of the LawPastor David A. TigchelaarMatthew 5: 17-205/21/2017 
A1970514CelebrateSergei SossedkinPsalm 98- Psalm 99:15/14/2017 
A1960507The Big PictureJim WilliamsExodus 19: 1-195/7/2017 
A1950430Get in the Game!Pastor David A. TigchelaarHebrews 12:1-24/30/2017 
A1940423Our True Identity from A-ZPastor David A. Tigchelaar1 Thesselonians 3:6-134/23/2017 
A1930416Looking for the KingdomPastor David A. TigchelaarMark 16:1-84/16/2017 
A1910409Justice and JustificationJim WilliamsHebrews 9: 1-164/9/2017 
A1900409The Entry of The KingPastor David A. Tigchelaar2 Samuel 7: 5-29; Mark 11: 1-194/9/2017 
A1890402Justice, Atonement and MercyJim WilliamsPsalm 64/2/2017 
A1880402Thr Loves of the KingdomPastor David A. TigchelaarMarl 12: 28-344/2/2017 
A1860326Meeting Jesus Face to FacePastor David A. TigchelaarMark 9:1-133/26/2017 
A1870326Justice and The FallJim WilliamsPsalm 513/26/2017 
A1840319The Best Offense is a Good DefenseNick KuiperyPsalm 1243/19/2017 
A1850319The God of JusticeJim WilliamsPsalm 333/19/2017 
A1810305The Kingdom is NearPastor David A. TigchelaarMark 1:10-203/5/2017 
A1800226God's Will for the FamilyPastor David A. TigchelaarEphesians 6:10-202/26/2017 
A1790219God's Will for the FamilyPastor David A. TigchelaarEphesians 5:21-6:42/20/2017 
A1780212Be Imitators of GodPastor David TigchelaarEphesians 5:1-202/12/2017 
A1780205The Politics of GodPastor David TigchelaarEphesians 4:17-5:2, Psalm 1462/5/2017 
A1760129Knights of JesusPastor David tigchelaarText: Ephesians 4: 1-161/29/2017 
A1750122I am Called and Equipped Part 3Pastor David A. TigchelaarMatthew 10: 24-331/22/2017 
A1740115I Am Called and Equipped - The Twisted Journey of EquippingPastor David A. TigchelaarExodus 3: 9-10 Exodus 13: 1-161/15/2017 
A1730108A Year-end Review of the ExodusJim WilliamsExodus 3:11-12 Exodus 19:1-61/8/2017 
A1720101I am Called and EquippedPastor David A. Tigchelaar1 Peter 4: 7-111/1/2017 
A1711225The Incarnation from Heaven's PerspectivePastor David A. TigchelaarLuke 2: 1-2012/25/2016 
A1701218A Hope that Sustains: Hope for the KingdomPastor David A. TigchelaarZechariah 212/18/2016 
A1701211Hope for the OutsiderPastor David A. TigchelaarJohn 4: 1-4212/11/2016 
A1691204I Have Hope for JusticePastor David A. TigchelaarMatthew 25:31-4612/4/2016 
A1681127I Have Hope: The Power of HopePastor David A. TigchelaarRomans 15: 1-1311/27/2016 
A1671120I Know: The Forgiveness of SinsPastor David A. TigchelaarMatthew 18:21-3511/20/2016 
A1661113I Know: The Holy Spirit and The Communion of SaintsPastor David A. TigchelaarMark 12 : 28-34; Revelation 7: 9-1211/13/2016 
A1651106Jesus Knows MePastor David A. TigchelaarPhilippians 3: 7-1411/6/2016 
A1641030I know: JesusPastor David A. TigchelaarMatthew 16: 13-2010/30/2016 
A1621016Building Blocks of Faith: I KnowPastor David A. TigchelaarRomans 12:1-210/16/2016 
A1601010Thankful in All CircumstancesPastor David A. Tigchelaar1 Thessalonians 5: 16-1810/10/2016 
A1591009Building Blocks of Faith: I Belong and am A PartPastor David A. Tigchelaar1 Corinthians 12: 12-3010/9/2016 
A1581002Our Daily BreadPastor Dan MeinemaMatthew 6:25-2710/2/2016 
A1570918Building Blocks of Faith: I BelongPastor David A. TigchelaarProverbs 17:179/18/2016 
A1560911Building Blocks of Faith: I Belong to GodDavid A. TigchelaarJohn 15:1-159/11/2016 
A1550904Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation Pastor David A. TigchelaarRevelation 21:1-279/4/2016 
A1540828The Spirit's Work of PropellingPastor David A. TigchelaarJohn 16: 5-158/28/2016 
A1520821We The ChurchNick KuiperyActs 1:1-118/21/2016 
A1510814Freedom and the Law of GodRick DegraafMatthew 5:17-208/14/2016